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JUDI-ARCH - The Rise of Judicial Self-Government in Europe: Changing the Architecture of Separation of Powers without an Architect (JUDI-ARCH)

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9/2016 - 8/2021
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Evropská unie
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Projekt bude zkoumat dopady zavedení orgánu soudcovské samosprávy pro koncept dělby moci, a to pomocí ústavněprávní analýzy, kvalitativního sociologického výzkumu a kvantitativních metod.

Abstract in English:
The rise of judicial self-government within the last twenty years is an undisputable phenomenon, but its consequences are not fully known, because the traditional descriptive and normative scholarship is not able to capture them. JUDI-ARCH will fill this gap and address the implications of this phenomenon on the ground. The central research question of this project is: what impact does the rise of judicial self-government have on the functioning of the European national and supranational judiciaries?

JUDI-ARCH consists of three interrelated themes. The first theme will be most comprehensive. It will study the impact of judicial councils and other bodies of judicial self-government (judicial appointment commissions, expert panels, court service bodies etc.) on public confidence in and independence, accountability, transparency and legitimacy of the domestic judiciaries and two European supranational courts (the ECtHR and the CJEU). The second theme will analyze the impact of ECtHR’s and CJEU’s institutional structure and case law on domestic judicial design (top-down approach) as well as the inverse influence, namely the impact of domestic judicial design on the architecture of the ECtHR and CJEU (bottom-up approach). Finally, the third theme has a wider theoretical ambition since we intend to analyze the situation in Europe as an example of something beyond Europe itself, namely that the new model of separation of powers has emerged and under what circumstances it flourishes.

The current project takes a novel approach to study these themes. Our method includes, beside obvious classical tools of comparative and international legal research, a unique blend of IR theories, political science, political theory and socio-legal studies methods. Moreover, we will co


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