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Odhalení tajemství signální dráhy WNT analýzou struktury proteinu Dishevelled

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1/2018 - 12/2020
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The proposal aims is to describe dynamics of DVL conformation and understand mechanisms that control it. We will take advantage of recent advances in structural proteomics/structural biology and unique reagents/unpublished information gathered in the PI’s laboratory (i) to describe DVL conformations and monitor their dynamics using combination of FRET and methods of structural proteomics, and (ii) to produce DVL protein/DVL-based complexes in the amount that would allow us, as an ultimate goal, to perform structural analysis of individual DVL-based molecular machineries. This project will open the way towards the structural biology of physiological DVL complexes, which will allow the design of new drugs that will interfere with the individual DVL functions in order to inhibit overactive Wnt signaling or bypass Wnt loss-of-function in pathological conditions.


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