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Sharing tacit knowledge of students with their training teacher

Název česky Sdílení tacitních znalostí mezi studenty učitelství a jejich cvičnými učiteli

CÁSKOVÁ Kateřina

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Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Pedagogická fakulta

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Popis The contribution will show a possible approach to research sharing tacit knowledge of student teachers and their training teacher. Tacit knowledge is highly individual, hardly expressible, arising from the subjective experience of the individual and reflected in his actions especially when dealing with unexpected situations and interpreted during self-reflection. On tacit knowledge is thus viewed through a subjective approach to teaching the student teacher and subjective approach to teaching its teacher training. Subsequently, it is identified what tacit knowledge is shared between them. The aim of the research is to identify which factors facilitated the sharing of tacit knowledge the student teacher and training teacher, what brings sharing of tacit knowledge to student teacher, what brings sharing of tacit knowledge to training teacher. It is based on apprenticeship model. It will be illustrated on data which are gained by in-depth interview that is inspired by method called “clean language”.
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