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Copyright exceptions for preserving digital cultural heritage and the policy objectives of the DSM directive



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Popis The proposed paper contributes to the discussion about the policy objectives of current and proposed copyright exceptions that are in place to protect and facilitate access to cultural heritage in the digital form. The paper describes the he current understanding of cultural heritage and current exceptions and limitations to copyright that are being relied on by “heritage institutions” and the current understanding of the “out-of-commerce works”. Next, the paper will analyse the two exceptions contained in the DSM directive for cultural heritage institutions, which follow the objective of the “Preservation” of works in the collections of the heritage institutions” and “Sharing out of commerce works”. The paper will critically assess the suitability of those two exceptions light of broader policy objectives such as conservation and safeguarding of cultural heritage of European significance (Art. 167 TFEU) and supporting contemporary cultural, artistic and creative works which may represent the cultural heritage of the future (OJ C 463, 23.12.2014).
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