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Determinants of respectful care in midwifery



Rok publikování 2022
Druh Článek v odborném periodiku
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Klíčová slova Care; Determinants; Experience; Literary Review; Motherhood; Satisfaction
Popis Women's positive experience of maternity care is related to the quality of care and is as important as objectively measurable perinatal outcomes. Satisfaction is a relatively broad concept with relatively difficult operationalisation. The tools for measuring it most often include variables related to structure, process, and outcomes. Improving current practice requires the accurate identification of existing care deficits and the main determinants of women's satisfaction with maternity care. Aim: To contextually highlight significant determinants of women's satisfaction that have been identified through a literary review. Methods: A clinical question was formulated through the PICo framework to determine the search and define inclusion criteria for articles. The question focused on determinants related to women's satisfaction with the care provided during motherhood. The population under consideration is women living in a similar cultural context, with a normal course of pregnancy, and lived experience. These concepts were transformed into subject headings used in the search and text presentation strategies. Results: The evaluation of the quality of care provided to women in maternity is inextricably linked to the specific experience of the woman. The experience is determined by specific factors related to the different phases of motherhood, as well as factors specific to different socio-demographic groups of women and groups of women with increased care demands. However, there are also determinants generally applicable to all women without distinction. These include continuous respectful care, communication with the partner, meeting the woman's personal expectations, a high level of professionalism, support from health professionals, the woman's involvement in decision-making, and respect for her choice. Conclusions: The paper provides an overview of the existing important determinants of women's satisfaction with the care, which have been identified across different countries - particularly in the European context and beyond. A woman's motherhood experience can significantly influence the lives of both mother and child. It is desirable that women's experiences are examined and become a standard criterion for assessing the quality of care provided to women during maternity.
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