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Queer (In)visible and Disenfranchised: The Situation of LGBTQ+ Seniors in the Czech Republic

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Název česky Queer (ne)viditelní a neuznaní: situace LGBTQ+ seniorů v České republice


Rok publikování 2023
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Popis Losing one's spouse and grieving for them is a complex and arduous process. Grief and bereavement, as socially and culturally mediated experiences, are influenced by societal norms and controls. The way individuals experience grief is shaped by various factors, including gender, culture, age, ethnicity, and sexuality. This complexity deepens when these factors overlap, often resulting in what is known as disenfranchised or socially unrecognized grief. This presentation primarily explores the intersection of sexuality, aging, and bereavement in the Czech Republic, drawing on the country’s post-socialist background. Previous studies have revealed a paradox within this particular population segment. While queer individuals are often reduced to their sexuality, seniors are frequently perceived as asexual. This misconception can lead to the incorrect belief that aging LGBTQ+ seniors simply do not exist. To gain a more profound understanding of this situation, I conducted an in-depth interview with a bereavement counsellor and activist, in addition to conducting a content analysis of two selected brochures aimed at social workers. The findings reveal an ambivalent picture: while the topic is not entirely invisible, its significance is primarily highlighted through the tireless efforts of a few dedicated activists. This underscores the inadequacy of institutional approaches to address such issues comprehensively and opens another area for future research.
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