Instruct-ERIC and ARBRE-MOBIEU Workshop: Analysis and Optimization of Sample Quality for Cryo-electron Microscopy and Other Structural Techniques


This workshop should be attended by structural biologists who want to improve their skills in sample analysis and optimization for structural techniques, in particular Cryo-EM. Training will be focused on the importance to provide basic protein quality control as well as buffer and storage optimization via using quick and relatively cheap techniques to save precious Cryo-EM time. The course is divided into theoretical (1 day) and practical part (2 days). Lectures are focused on theory and examples of usage of particular methods.

Additionally, voluntary presentation of own posters, debate with invited speakers and tutors and tour to the company manufacturing microscopes will be included. Practical part covers sample characterization techniques (dynamic light scattering, differential scanning fluorimetry, circular dichroism and differential scanning calorimetry), basics of Cryo-EM sample preparation and data collection. Trainees are allowed to bring their own sample for basic analysis. At the end of the course, trainees should understand the relationship between sample quality and structural technique output as well as be able to apply the know-how gained in their sample preparation workflow.


The whole course will be open to a maximum of 24 selected participants. PhD students, post-docs and early career researchers are preferred.

The plenary lectures on 11th Feb will be open to general audience after registration.



Selection will be done on the basis of the candidate´s CV and motivation letter. The scientific committee will give priority to candidates who come from institution without expertise in this type of methodologies and technologies. The participants should show that the outcome of the course will be used rapidly in their projects and activities. Multiple participants from single research group or institution are disfavored.


The lectures as well as the whole course for selected participants is free of charge.


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