Informace o projektu


Kód projektu
2013 62 01 EMPATHiE
Období řešení
12/2013 - 9/2014
Investor / Programový rámec / typ projektu
Evropská unie
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU
Lékařská fakulta
Spolupracující organizace
European Patients' Forum
The Danish Committee for Health Education
Royal College of Psychiatrists
Fundacion Avedis Donabedian Para La Mejora
The Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Standing Committee of European Doctors

Increasing life expectancy contributes to the rising prevalence of chronic conditions. For that reason increasing in life expectancy in developing countries will also become a crucial issue and put chronic care management in the core priorities of all nations.
For that reason advancing the process for a common understanding the concept of patient’s empowerment of this term is the main objective of this project, and according to the call this will be focus on empowering patients in management of chronic diseases.
These important epidemiologic changes, had made emerge a process of multiple health reforms all over Europe aiming to increase sustainability and move from an acute base care paradigm to focus on a paradigm of chronic care management. In that sense the Chronic Care model framework is one of the key chronic disease paradigms of the 21st century. In the framework, “informed, motivated and prepared” patients, health care teams and community partners are at the core of the approach. It is widely believed that improved health and disease management outcomes can be achieved by supporting an individual’s abilities and skills in critical thinking, decision making and problem-solving and become active part of their disease management by introducing encouraging self management.

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