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The Effect of Housing on Preferences and Behavior: Lab-in-the-Field Experiments with Participants of a Randomized Controlled Trial

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1/2018 - 12/2019
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The goal of the project is to study the causal effect of improved housing conditions on preferences and behavior of people. Understanding the effects of improved housing quality is important for evaluating public housing policies as well as for understanding the impact of bad housing conditions on choices of poor people and their ability to improve their economic situation. The project will be based on a unique randomized controlled trial “Rapid Re-Housing” that is currently running in Brno/Czech Republic. All outcomes will be measured using incentivized economic experiments and questionnaires. We study three research questions. First, we investigate the effect of improved housing conditions on risk and time preferences. Second, we study the causal impact of housing conditions on cognitive function using multiple measures commonly applied in the literature. Third, we use versions of the Trust game and the Dictator game to investigate whether people who have been helped in an important way are more willing to help and trust other people.


Počet publikací: 6

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