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Strengthening the cooperation in education among medical faculties: the MEFANET project experience and its extensions



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Konference MEFANET Report 05
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Lékařská fakulta

Obor Ostatní lékařské obory
Klíčová slova medical education; network; information technologies
Popis The MEFANET project (MEdical FAculties NETwork) has initiated international, effective and open cooperation among all medical faculties in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. One of the elementary goals of the project is to advance medical teaching and learning with the use of modern information and communication technologies. As an instrument for that, MEFANET has decided to develop an original and uniform solution for educational web portals which are used, together with a central gateway, to offer and share digital educational content. Recent developments have focused on extending the set of tools for multidimensional assessment of the published contents quality. The original assessment was based on the following four dimensions: A. review, B. typological classification, C. the level of the target groups, D. users’ self-study score. In addition to that, the new editorial processes now include also mentally active monitoring of the published contents. Three new ICT tools have also been introduced to the MEFANET community besides the common e-publishing portal platform. These new tools provide higher level of interactivity for students during their self-study process. The paper shows how the new three tools SANDBOX, WIKILECTURES and MOODLE-MEFANET are related to the already established and standardized CENTRAL GATEWAY of the portal platform.
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