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Fundraising of Major Czech Political Parties



Rok publikování 2015
Druh Článek ve sborníku
Konference Proceedings of the 19th international Conference Current Trends in Public Sector Research
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Ekonomicko-správní fakulta

Obor Řízení, správa a administrativa
Klíčová slova Political parties; Donation; Financial resources; Czech Republic
Popis Democratic states cannot exist without political parties and political parties cannot exist without financial resources. The way of political parties gaining their financial resources can have a direct impact on the democratic processes in the state. One of the traditional financial resources is fundraising from private donors. It is generally assumed that fundraising activities grow before major elections. However, this assumption has not been approved for the Czech political parties as well as the influence of the economic crisis is unclear. Therefore the aim of this paper is to analyse trends in fundraising of the major Czech political parties and discuss whether or not we can identify tendency in fundraising behaviour. We will analyse and discuss three research questions about fundraising of political parties which were identified in previous theoretical research. To fulfil the aim, we will analyse data, which were not published earlier. Those data (from 2008 to 2013) are accessible at websites of political parties and from reports of political parties that are available only in the Parliamentary Library of the Czech Republic.
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