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Does the context influence incentive to offer a bribe? Evidence from laboratory experiment

Název česky Ovplyvňuje kontext motiváciu ponúknuť úplatok? Laboratórny experiment


Rok publikování 2015
Druh Účelové publikace
Popis This paper aims to contribute to the debate whether different context of the same situation influences behaviour of people. We developed bribery game based on Abbink, Irlenbusch and Renner (2002), when the partners did not change during the game or changed after certain amount of rounds. We used two treatments - economic and political. In the economic one, participants played roles traditional for economic experiments, either as a firm or a public official. In the political one, however, they played as a firm trying to pass a legislation and a politician with power to pass this legislation. Results suggest, that there is no difference in behaviour of a sender (firm) and context of a situation does not seem to have an influence. Also, we did not find any evidence of effect of change of game partners. On the other hand, the context and framing of the situation may influence receiver of the bribe, since the willingness to accept it and participate on corruption was lower in the political treatment comparing to the economic.
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