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Contrast-enhaced ultrasonography in the evaluation of incidental focal liver lesions: a cost-effective study forthree years

Název česky Kontrastní ultrasonografie v hodnocení náhodných fokálních jaterních lézí: ekonomická analýza za tři roky


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Konference ESGAR 2016 Book of Abstracts
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Lékařská fakulta

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Klíčová slova Contrast-enhanced ultrasonography (CEUS); Focal liver lesions (FLL); Cost-effectiveness
Popis Purpose: The purpose was to find out whether contrast-enhanced ultrasonography (CEUS) is a cost-effective method for the first line evaluation of focal liver lesions (FLL) compared to CT and MRI. Material and methods: The retrospective study included 1058 patients with incidental FLL, examined using CEUS in three years. Where CEUS results were not conclusive, CT or MRI was performed. Some patients with malignant findings on CEUS had additional CT for staging. The costs of this strategy were calculated. Other calculations show potential savings compared to costs if all the patients had been examined by CT or MRI after initial native ultrasound. Results: The costs for evaluation of these lesions by CEUS (+ additional examinations) were CZK 1,624,314 (approx. €63,600) for three years. If CT or MRI had been used instead it would have been CZK 1,888,255 (€74,000) and CZK 5,141,971 (€200,000), respectively. CEUS was CZK 263,941 (€10,300) (13.98 %) cheaper compared to CT and CZK 3,517,657 (€138,000) (68.41 %) cheaper compared to MRI for all three years together. The average difference in price between CEUS and CT or MR for a year was CZK 87,980 (€3,500) and CZK 1,172,552 (€46,000), respectively. Conclusion: Costs for evaluation of FLL by CEUS were slightly lower than CT. CEUS is a much more cost-effective method compared to MRI.
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