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Young People’s Trust in Media: Between Mainstream and Alternative News Sources

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Rok publikování 2017
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Popis Trust in media as sources of news and information is usually considered as an important, constitutive part of social actor’s general attitude to political and public spheres. However, most of the existing researches fail in their attempts to explore satisfyingly the current increase of audiences’ interest in so called alternative (mostly online) information sources. The presentation drawing on survey datasets collected in CATCH EyoU project maps patterns of trust in professional and alternative media of the Czech young population (aged 20-25, N=814). While usual measures used by other surveys for indication of trust in media focus on trust in media types (TV, print, radio, internet), the questionnaires used in CATCH EyoU employ measures better fitting to current media environments that, along with professional mainstream media, typically include a wide range of alternative news sources: instead on trust in media types, the measures enable to identify distinction between trust in mainstream and alternative news sources. Therefore, the analysis aims to provide a path to a more plausible picture of relation between (dis)trust in media and demographic factors, opinions on the EU and refugee crisis, opinions on politics, (dis)trust in politics and other people and several other measures.
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