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Obor Sociologie, demografie
Klíčová slova Class; working class; post-communist; lifestyle; gender; Bourdieu; Goffman
Popis Despite class being one of the main characteristics of society, the study of class seems to be noticeably disappearing from social sciences. The following text is divided into two parts. The first is devoted to the class in general and I delib- erately focus on authors whose contribution to the class theory has not been fully appreciat- ed and also on those who represent the cultural turn in the study of class. This choice repre- sents an alternative to the dominant stratification theory and research based solely on the connection between class and occupation. I suggest multidimensional conceptual frames of class that take into account also the categories of lifestyle and inequalities created alongside the axes of gender, ethnicity and age. In the second part of the text I focus on the working class. The process of definition and specification of this broad and diverse category is also the object of my interest. I am interested in the existence of the working class under the con- ditions of the postindustrial society in post communist countries. Against the background of the rich tradition of international research my goal is to highlight the conceptual and method- ological changes of the understanding of the working class. I argue for the importance of re- search on working class and I foreshadow the possible research heading in this diverse and rich field.

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