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Teachers’ and academics’ resources used for transferring research knowledge

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SPURNÁ Michaela PEŠKOVÁ Karolína

Rok publikování 2017
Druh Další prezentace na konferencích
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Filozofická fakulta

Popis The aim of the contribution is to present the outcomes of a pilot survey which was focused on educational research transfer between academic and teachers from a general point of view. We present the preliminary results that deal with the following research questions: a) What kind of resources do teachers and academics choose for transferring research knowledge to school improvement? b) How are the chosen resources related to teachers’ used research knowledge? These results represent one part of the overall perspective of transfer. The theoretical background of transfer is based on Roger´s theory (2003) about diffusion of innovation (describing the most important elements of transfer: the innovation, communication channels as resources, time and actors as social system). The second theory which is important for understanding the technology of knowledge flow is Havelock’s (1971) theory about the dissemination and the utilization of knowledge. According to Havelock (1971) we distinguish the following resources: written media (reports, journals), spoken media (conferences, colleagues, debates), mass media (TV, radio, internet), and individuals’ media (school generated knowledge, local authority etc.). The resources as a form of communication channels (media) convey possible potential of barriers that can influence the overall transfer process and success of teacher’s professionalization or school improvement. These types of media could be used for teaching by teachers as a competitive medias to textbooks. In order to find out teachers’ and academics’ used resources, a research instrument was developed and piloted in 55 teachers and 32 academics in the Czech Republic. In the research instrument, we focused on variables related to demographic data, attitudes toward transfer, social system of teachers and academics, the rate of utilization knowledge, and the resources as communication media.
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