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The mediating effect of perceived hope on the relationship between dispositional hope and mental health



Rok publikování 2018
Druh Další prezentace na konferencích
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Filozofická fakulta

Popis The connection between hope and mental health has drawn the attention of numerous researchers. Several studies already proved dispositional hope to have a favourable effect on mental health. The purpose of this study was not only to test the relationships between hope and heath, but also to examine which of the two concepts of hope better predict mental health operationalized by level of depression and anxiety. The another aim was to examine the mediating effects of perceived hope on the relationship between dispositional hope and health. The study is a sub-study of the Czech part of the international project Hope Barometer. Data were collected anonymously through non-random convenience sampling. We used online questionnaires to measure perceived hope, dispositional hope, and depression/anxiety. Research sample consisted of 741 Czech respondents aged between 18 to 80 years, 564 (76.1 %) female and 177 (23.9 %) male. Simple group comparisons, correlation analyses and regression analyses were performed using IBM SPSS Statistics 24 software. Mediation model was created by Hayes Process macro for SPSS. Regression analysis confirmed perceived hope and dispositional hope being independent negative predictors of mental health. Perceived hope (beta=-.448, p=0.001) showed stronger negative correlation to mental health than dispositional hope (beta=-.163, p=0.001). The model was statistically significant and explained 31.8% of variance of mental health. Mediation analyses confirmed a direct effect of dispositional hope on mental health (beta=-.132, p=0.001), and showed that its indirect effect through perceived hope was stronger (beta=-.227; 95% CI [-0.286; -0.181]; p=0.001). The above findings support the legitimacy of the distinction drawn between the concepts of perceived hope and dispositional hope which can separately serve as buffers against mental health problems.

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