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Current Copyright Solution of AI’s Creations



Rok publikování 2018
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Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

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Popis Within the scope of the author’s research “Artificial Intelligence as a Technological Challenge to Copyright” and following the exploratory meta-analysis of an artificial intelligence (AI) and copyright in the mutual interactions, it is needed to move to the next phase, the descriptive study of the real situation. Such research phase will be presented in this paper. The current copyright system is mostly based on the principle that the author shall be only a natural person, and possible creative activity of an AI is not counted. Based on that, AI’s creations are not considered to be copyrighted works. The author will therefore focus on a descriptive assessment of the real state and the introduction of possibilities of how to protect the AI’s creations. For this purpose, it is necessary to examine what creations are created by an AI, how the law and individual entities actually operate (and can operate) with such creations, what are their options on this issue, and what are the main reasons for the currently set framework. The aim is to evaluate the status quo to and to narrow the idea of the possibilities and limits of resystematization of copyright where copyright is built on the authorship of natural persons.
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