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White paper on the future of plasma science for optics and glass



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Časopis / Zdroj Plasma processes and polymers
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Klíčová slova bio-glass; fiberglass; glass; non-thermal plasmas; optics
Popis This paper reflects on the future of low-temperature plasma science in relation to the manufacturing and novel uses of glass. The text summarizes the current state of the art on the major topics discussed, such as glass processing, optics and photonics, healthcare issues, building and fenestration applications. It also identifies several challenges that are driven by applications, and which are compatible with roadmaps for their respective industries. The frontiers of plasma science are discussed, for example, in relation to the use of plasmas as an active optical element in fast-response adaptive optics systems, optical metamaterials, and the development of next-generation nanolithography. Future demand for the successful implementation of plasma-based technologies in the glass, optics, and photonic industries will depend on further progress in plasma science. Hence, some needs and recommendations concerning both fundamental and applied plasma research are summarized.