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Revize moravsko-dolnorakouské arely křivatce českého (Gagea bohemica s. lat.)



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Časopis / Zdroj Thayensia
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Klíčová slova Gagea bohemica subsp. bohemica; Gagea bohemica subsp. saxatilis; Znojmo region; Moravia; Lower Austria; Praebohemicum
Popis The Moravian/Lower Austrian area of distribution of Gagea bohemica was revised during a ten-year-long research project (2008–2017). We focused both on localities of Gagea bohemica subsp. bohemica, and on localities of Gagea bohemica subsp. saxatilis. The Moravian/Lower Austrian area of distribution is well delineated by the area of the so-called Praebohemicum. The species prefers extremely dry and oligotrophic habitats with shallow soils, common disturbances and decreased competition. Particular attention was paid to localities on the edge of the known area of distribution during the research. The known area of distribution was significantly extended to the west. Despite intensive research the species was not found at localities west of the town of Vranov nad Dyjí and in the vicinity of the city of Brno. In this paper great attention was also devoted to ecology of the species, the vegetation types in which it grows, and we also discuss suitable types of management for Gagea bohemica growths.