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Normal-weight obesity frequency in the Central European urban adult female population of Brno, Czech Republic


ČUTA Martin BAŘICOVÁ Klára ČERNÝ Dominik SOCHOR Ondřej

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Časopis / Zdroj Central European Journal of Public Health
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

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Klíčová slova normal weight obesity; body fat; bioimpedance; skinfolds; risk factor of cardiovascular disease
Popis Objectives: The universally recognized indicator of nutritional status, BMI, has some shortcomings, especially in detecting overweight and obesity. A relatively recently introduced normal weight obesity (NWO) describes a phenomenon when individuals are found to have normal weight as indicated by BMI but have an elevated percentage of body fat. Normal weight obese individuals face a higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome, cardiometabolic dysfunction and have higher mortality. No studies have been previously performed which would map NWO in Brno, Czech Republic. Methods: In a sample of 100 women from Brno, we assessed the percentage of normal weight obese individuals using bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) – three different analyzers were utilized: Tanita BC-545 personal digital scale, InBody 230 and BodyStat 1500MDD. Also, a caliperation method was used to estimate body fat percentage. Various body fat percentage cut-off points were used according to different authors. Results: When the 30% body fat (BF) cut-off was used, up to 14% of the women in our sample were found to be normal weight obese. When the sum of skinfolds or the 35% BF cut-off point are selected as a criterion for identifying normal weight obesity (NOW), only 1 of 100 examined women was identified as normal weight obese; at the 35% BF cut-off, BodyStat analyzer categorized no women as normal weight obese. Also, when the 30% BF or 66th percentile BF cut-off points were utilized, BodyStat identified pronouncedly fewer women from our sample to be normalweight obese than the two other analyzers. Conclusions: On a pilot sample of Czech women, we demonstrated that depending on the selected cut-off (there is no clear agreement on cut-off points in literature), up to 14% of the examined women were found to be normal weight obese.
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