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A New Approach to the Crystallization of Perovskite Films by Cold Hydrogen Atmospheric Pressure Plasma



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Časopis / Zdroj Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing
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Popis This contribution presents a new approach to rapid and low-temperature plasma-chemical crystallization of perovskite films. Chlorine-incorporated perovskite (MAPbI3–xClx) films were exposed to diffuse atmospheric hydrogen (H2) plasma immediately after their deposition. Several types of surface characterization techniques were used to investigate the effect of the H2 plasma on the surface of the perovskite films. Since the H2 plasma was generated at a low temperature (??70 °C), there was no considerable damage to the plasma-treated perovskite films—although the morphology and chemistry changed significantly. H2 plasma had a range of effects on the surface of the perovskite films: (1) changes in the chemical composition of the perovskite surface without removal of lead; (2) modification of the optoelectrical band structure; (3) crystallization of the perovskite film; and (4) the grain of the surface became highly ordered. The results presented demonstrate that H2 plasma is a rapid and low-cost method for the manufacture of crystallized perovskite films. The method may be considered a significant step towards low-temperature, annealing-free crystallization of perovskite films.
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