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Resilience and Personality Dispositions of Social Workers in the Czech Republic



Rok publikování 2022
Druh Článek v odborném periodiku
Časopis / Zdroj Practice.
Klíčová slova resilience; social worker; The Big Five
Popis The empirical study brings answers to the question: “What are the relationships between resilience and personality of social workers in the scope of their profession?” The problematics of personality dispositions is viewed from the perspective of the five-factor model of personality (the “Big Five”), as well as from the perspective of resilience, which allows the workers to achieve the desired level of well-being despite the challenges of their profession. The research was conducted among 729 social workers in the Czech Republic with the help of a standardised questionnaire. It has been found that the most prevalent personality types among social workers are the conscientious and agreeable types and most workers have a medium rate of resilience. The biggest potential for the application of resilience has been found in the emotionally stable personality type and the smallest among the conscientious and agreeable type. On the basis of empirical findings we recommend the support of resilience in social work practitioners and students through the development of self-awareness of their own personality and their personality growth, as well as development of resilience awareness and focusing on developing strategies for its growth.

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