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Fragility in Resilience of Ageing Men

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Název česky Křehkost v odolnosti stárnoucích mužů


Rok publikování 2024
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Popis Assessing ageing (and) men from a critical perspective forms the pivotal analytical axis of this paper. Based on a qualitative sociological research project, Institutions of Ageing Men, it focuses on the intersection of and relations among aging, masculinities, care, and power in the context of the Czech Republic. Specifically, it explores changing dynamics and processes on the intersections of a variety of social institutions, such as healthcare, business, homelessness, sport, or bereavement, using critical studies on men and masculinities approach. In-depth interviews with men across social strata form the core database. The presentation addresses men in nursing and the topic of care within a feminised and gendered profession. It focuses on the forms of care – given and received and also self-care. Second, this theme is accentuated in the exploration of men and bereavement; it delves into how men navigate grief with their identities, aging, and care-giving experiences regarding their losses.
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