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Changes of air transport networks in Central Europe after 1990



Rok publikování 2011
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Popis The region of Central Europe has undergone a dynamic development since 1990. Transformation of political, economic and social conditions was connected with the re-orientation from dominant spatial relations to other socialist countries to stronger relations with western, northern a southern Europe. Materialization of these new work, tourism and business flows was enabled by the different passenger transport modes, however the most important catalyst was air transport. As a result the general spatial arrangement of air transport networks in Central Europe have changed significantly. A further stimulus to the re-arrangement of air transport networks was the activity of low-cost carriers, who have entered Central European aviation market after the industry deregulation in 1997. The paper examines some of the above-mentioned air transport issues arrising in Central Europe after 1990. Air transport network changes in Central Europe will be compared with the development in Austria and Germany.
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