Heart rate monitoring during testing of endurance abilities in Football

Autoři ZVONAŘ Martin MALEČEK Josef DUVAČ Igor PSALMAN Vladimír SEBERA Martin
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Citace ZVONAŘ, Martin, Josef MALEČEK, Igor DUVAČ, Vladimír PSALMAN a Martin SEBERA. Heart rate monitoring during testing of endurance abilities in Football. In Dragan Milanovic. 6th International scientific conference on kinesiology. Zagreb: University of Zagreb, 2011. s. 422-426, 5 s. ISBN 978-953-317-013-8.
Originální jazyk angličtina
Obor Sport a aktivity volného času
Klíčová slova football; endurance abilities; heart rate monitoring; test validity

Training process in team sports, especially in football, requires suitable management of players. Having correct and precise information about internal physical reactions of players seems to be very useful since then coaches are able adjust sport loading individually. Modern monitoring device such as the Suunto Team POD is quite comfortable to wear and efficient, especially while training for football. AIM: The aim of this study was to measure special endurance abilities required for football by monitoring heart rate. METHOD: Heart rate measurements were recorded using the Suunto Team Pack, which consists of sophisticated heart rate recorders and wireless transmitters. Training aim was to achieve a workload at 170 bpm and higher during each training stand and in each series. Duration of the whole test took from 7 to 8 minutes. The test began at the end of a training session and 2 km run were done by football player. RESULTS: There were different heart rates in the tested players. CONCLUSION: A heart rate monitoring device, such as the Suunto Team Pack, represents a useful system for onsite training management and is valid for the diagnostics of endurance abilities required in football.

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