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The MUNI Photometric Archive

Název česky Fotometrický archiv MUNI


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Konference Proceedings of the international astronomical Union
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Obor Astronomie a nebeská mechanika, astrofyzika
Klíčová slova astronomical data bases; techniques: photometric; methods: data analysis
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Popis In the 1990s of the last century, CCD cameras became more reachable. Due to many advantages of CCD cameras, astronomers began using them as the primary detector for photometry of stellar objects. A typical observatory, which operates one telescope at a time, obtained 0.5 TB of raw data during two decades, that means one million about 500 kB-sized files. There are several observatories in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (taking into account all scientific, public as well as private ones). A rough estimate of the total amount of this photometric data is 10 TB, which could be a very interesting source of observational data. Unfortunately, these data are not available online. These data are stored in observatory archives in arbitrary format. Often it is not even possible to find requested data. We have decided to change this state by establishing a common archive of raw photometric data, which would be available online together with tools for searching, listing etc. We already defined the data format, file and directory structure of our archive. We developed sophisticated tools for archive maintenance as well. Our goal is to provide data storage with simple and straightforward access and we are ready to interconnect with the VO right after the IVOA Photometry Data Model will be released.
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