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Beta diversity of plant communities along constrained environmental gradients

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1/2012 - 12/2015
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The study of beta diversity enables to disentangle two basic processes, assembling ecological communities: neutral-based and niche-based processes.We will study beta diversity along selected environmental gradients in three di_erent model ecosystems: 1) forest understory herb species along gradients of light and productivity in Central European forests, 2) herb species along the gradient of soil pH across Europe and Russia, and 3) woody species along the gradient of elevation in Taiwan. Using both simulated and real vegetation data, we aim to answer following questions: How is the beta diversity and underlying processes changing along selected gradients including their extremes and how are these changes inuenced by spatial scale of observation? How is the pattern of beta diversity related to the pattern of species richness along these gradients and how is it linked to dispersal related species traits? How does the proportion of neutral- and niche-based processes inuence the application of various classi_cation methods?


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