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Injuries In Windsurfing Sports



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Konference 10th International Conference On Kinanthropology "Sport and Quality of Life"
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Fakulta sportovních studií

Obor Sport a aktivity volného času
Klíčová slova injuries; windsurfing; sport loading; prevention
Popis The purpose of this research was to figure out injuries in windsurfing sport, their reasons and prevention. Together 104 windsurfers in three different groups A,B,C(based on sport discipline and sport performance) were asked in 2 questionnaires about their injuries (body region, type of injury and number of injuries. Sport performance, sport load, technical skills and process of regeneration were taken into the consideration as well. Age varied from 20.8 to 43 years. Injury rate was calculated in all tested groups (number of injuries/athlete/year). Windsurfing load intensity reaches a high level, as evidenced by the values (heart rate in beats per minute) obtained during training and competition monitoring. While in training, the maximum value is approaching the value of 200 beats per minute, with the addition of mental stress during competition was recorded highest value of 214 beats per minute. Crossing the threshold of 200 beats per minute is becoming common in many competitors. The complex readiness for sport performance is an important prerequisite for prevention against injuries. In group C it was found a significant relationship between sports performance and regeneration, which proved to be very beneficial. While the total loading time has proved to be statistically insignificant, number of training units and adequate regeneration to sport performance was highly significant at the p = 0.05. Three groups differed by discipline and levels of physical and technical preparedness achieved following values: 92 injuries (group A), 47 injuries (group B) and only 15 injuries in group C. The most injuries appeared in lower extremities (group A, 42%) and in upper extremities (group B, 52% and group C, 53%). Injury rate represents the number of injuries per athlete per year. The number of injuries in windsurfing depends on the implementation of the disciplines where funboarding is much more risky than raceboarding.
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