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Questions about the Differences between Protection of Consumer and Worker from the perspective of International and Czech Arbitration


REMSOVÁ Kateřina

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Konference COFOLA International 2016: Resolution of International Disputes, Public Law in the Context of Immigrtion Crisis: Conference Proceedings
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Klíčová slova Arbitration in employment relationship; Consumer arbitration; Act on Arbitration and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards; Protection of the employee; Employment disputes of property nature
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Popis The paper deals with different approaches to consumer and employee in terms of the protection granted to them in domestic and international arbitration. Czech Act on Arbitration and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards applies to both domestic and international arbitration and assumes standards of consumer protection of European union law into the consumer arbitration. Employee, however, this Act provides no protection. In a post on the last year of this conference I addressed the issue of arbitrability of individual employment disputes and I conclude that employment disputes of property nature only are arbitrable. This follow paper discusses the differences between consumer and employment disputes of property nature and addresses the question of the reasons why employee are not granted the same level of protection as consumer. The aim of this paper is comparison of regulation of consumer arbitration and arbitration in employment relations in terms of the scope of protection afforded by Act to consumer or employee and finding reasons why an employee does not obtain similar protection as a consumer in the arbitration.
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