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La Arbitrabilidad Limitada de los Litigios Surgidos de las Infracciones del Derecho de la Competencia Y la Posibilidad de Su Reconocimiento En Cumplimiento del Convenio de Nueva York



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Konference La Aplicación Privada Del Derecho de la Competencia
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Klíčová slova Arbitrability; competition Law; private enforcement; new york convention; recognition
Popis There is diversity between countries in many issues of arbitration, for instance each country regulates, inter alia, its own conditions for arbitrability. The most common claims arising from the breach of competition law (declaratory relief, claims for damages, etc.) are arbitrable in some countries, but not in others. This may cause problems in enforcement of arbitral awards in foreign countries, since the lack of arbitrability in the State of enforcement is very basic reason for the refusal to recognize the arbitration award. This leads into a discrepancy between the likelihood of recognition and enforcement, first, of court decisions (under the Brussels I Regulation) and secondly, of arbitration awards (under New York Convention).
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