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Česká národní infrastruktura pro biologická data (ELIXIR-CZ)

It is a current global trend that life science experiments generate an immense and steadily increasing volume of data. The Czech Republic feels this trend very strongly, because several new life science infrastructures were successfully established here, and they produce large amounts of data. It is necessary to store the data, safely manipulate with them, efficiently extract key information, etc. ELIXIR CZ is an infrastructure which is prepared to accept this challenge.
Thus, ELIXIR CZ aims to create a sustainable infrastructure for storing, processing and analysis of life science data in the Czech Republic. It will also provide tools and training that will facilitate performing these activities. Currently, ELIXIR CZ involves eleven institutions - nine life science research centres and two IT infrastructures. ELIXIR CZ also creates a communication platform for life science research institutes in the Czech Republic. ELIXIR CZ is a node of the European ESFRI project ELIXIR and is strongly involved in its activities. The ELIXIR project was approved by the Competitiveness Council from ESFRI as one of three prioritised Research Infrastructures.


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